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When employees are not engaged, they fail to volunteer their best. And in today’s new era, it is not enough to simply have people “show up” for eight hours. We want them to contribute their curiosity, their skills and talents, their imagination, their trust, their creativity and passion, their willingness to solve problems and tackle issues without having to be told what to do every step.

The Gallup organization estimates that over $300 billion dollars per year is lost to businesses in the United States because employees are not highly engaged. And we know that highly engaged workers out-produce their moderately engaged counterparts by over 400%

Employee Engagement Services

Engagement has generated more interest and enthusiasm than any other HR topic in quite some time—and for good reason. Many research-based consulting firms have proven a clear correlation between the level of employee engagement and organizational performance. The big difference between us and nearly all other firms touting engagement services is that we offers a true end-to-end approach.

The Engagement Effect can increase employee engagement by:

  • Increasing organizational receptivity to a focus on engagement.
  • Measuring employee engagement with our E3®, a validated and action-oriented survey instrument.
  • Facilitating action planning tailored to each organization’s needs.
  • Driving immediate results through OPAL®: Engagement Edition, an online resource that includes a wealth of results-focused content and more than 300 totally consistent support tools.
  • By providing real, long-term solutions that enhance leadership and workforce effectiveness as well as improve related organizational systems and processes.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with your organization about how we can work with you to dramatically increase organizational performance through a more engaged workforce.


This monograph discusses how engagement must be a leadership-driven initiative from the most senior level all the way to the front line.

E3®: A Measure of Employee Engagement

E3® is the measurement portion of our total approach to increasing employee engagement. This web-based, standardized survey was designed on the theory that three things—the individual, the leader, and the organization—drive engagement. An E3® survey can be used as part of a major engagement initiative to provide a deeper understanding of how your employees feel about their jobs. It will give you the critical data you need to create an action plan to enhance engagement and performance.

Maximum engagement yields the greatest returns. Past studies have established that associate engagement predicts such critical outcomes as better customer satisfaction, improved productivity, and reduced turnover. Because we believe that measuring engagement is just the first step toward building performance, E3® integrates with a number of our solutions that will move the engagement dial.

E3® Employee Engagement Consulting FACTS

Employee Engagement Consulting Services provide organizations with a comprehensive approach to increasing employee engagement that is also cost-effective to implement.

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