The Engagement Effect brings extensive expertise and a solid reputation to help you solve your safety and health issues. With over twenty years of high-level experience in safety management, safety culture, regulatory compliance and loss control.

Just a few areas of our expertise include:

  • Safety Management and Safety System Development
    We have extensive experience in developing safety systems that integrate safety, quality, and performance management into your organization. Using ANSI Z-10 and OHSAS 18001 as the basis for design, these safety systems will help you be compliant and prepare you for your audit, obtaining contractor qualification  in ISNetworld® or PEC Premier, helping to achieve VPP status, or simply to have a robust, process oriented safety system that reduces losses.
  • Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
    We can provide you with the skills and tools for effective investigations – or we can conduct an investigation for you. We can help you implement systems like Systematic Causal Analysis Technique (SCAT), Root and Latent Cause Analysis, Using SafeStart for Incident Investigations, report writing and more.
  • Hazard Assessment
    The foundation of all safety and health efforts is the identification and elimination of hazards. We can train your supervisors on a variety of techniques including Job Safety Analysis, Task Hazard Analysis, SETA cards, toolbox meetings, implementing the hazard control hierarchy, risk communication and much more.
  • Safety perception surveys
    We custom design safety perception surveys for our clients so they may gauge the climate and perceptions’ of employees, supervisors and others. These surveys are invaluable for determining gaps between groups or departments, gaps between desired perceptions and current perceptions and pointing out the way for improvement.

    We typically measure areas such as values, leadership, systems, communication, involvement, behaviors and accountability, but we can add or subtract these categories.  These surveys can be administered online or using paper and pencil. We tabulate the results and provide recommendations. We also conduct focus groups, client interviews and use other information gathering tools to measure and evaluate your culture.

  • Culture change
    Changing organizational culture requires vision, direction, intention and planning. But before you can change culture, you must first define it. By using either our perception surveys or other measurements of culture we determine the current status, and then determine what the new culture looks like. And because only the visible behaviors and rituals are commonly observed, we help to define and change the underlying values, beliefs, norms and assumptions that drive culture. For without a firm grasp of the drivers of culture, it can be nearly impossible to change culture.

    We also assist organizations with designing a change management strategy. There must be support for the change in performance to occur. This includes everyone in the organization providing clear expectations, giving people the skills they need (training) clearing away organizational roadblocks to success (e.g. materials, resources, conflict policy, etc.), holding people accountable for performance, measuring performance, providing feedback and providing consequences. Because in the end, behaviors are only changed where there are consequences.

  • Advanced safety audits
    Communication, accountability and results are the cornerstone of effective safety systems. Advanced Safety Audits (ASA) are a tool to accomplish all of these. By having focused conversations with workers, senior leaders show their support for safety, engage the workforce, obtain agreement from the workers to arrive at their own solutions and raise the level of awareness. We can help you to implement this critical communication tool in your organization.

  • Advanced Safety Skills – SafeStart and SafeTrack
    Traditional safety management focuses heavily on physical environment and regulatory training, but rarely gives people the advanced safety skills they need to prevent the errors and injuries they never wanted to happen.

    From general safety awareness training that is suitable for nearly everyone to industry- and job-specific applications, the growing SAFESTART and SAFETRACK suite of training systems enhance your existing safety systems to reduce injuries at your site quickly and easily. SAFESTART and SAFETRACK consistently reduce injuries by more than 50% – proven from more than 2,500 sites, 1,000 companies, and 1,500,000 people trained in ten years.

Learn more about SafeStart and SafeTrack

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